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• Licensed Realtor in The State of Michigan

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Ryan Modica
Ryan hired you as a Real Estate Agent in 2011
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
“Keith Brandt of Remerica Integrity is an excellent Realtor that I would recommend to anyone. Keith understands our family's needs and provides honest insight.” May 25, 2012

Khalil Pakideh
Khalil hired you as a Real Estate Agent in 2010 and hired you more than once
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“good knowledge of market, good analysis and evaluation of property, high integrity, professional, and available.” May 25, 2012

Dale Fuller
President, Fuller Realty (business partner)
“Keith is my go to Residential Broker. I refer all my Residential clients to him and he always comes through!!” May 24, 2012

Tony Nestro
Principal Owner, Tutto Interiors (business partner)
“Keith is a valued assest in aiding your search in the real estate market in both buying and selling. Your interests are well at hand while Keith understands what it takes to get top $ for your listing. I would must definitely recommend Keith.” May 24, 2012

Brian Donovan
Brian hired you as a Real Estate Agent in 2008 and hired you more than once
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“I have been working with Keith Brandt of Remerica Integrity since 2007. After an exhaustive search with various realtors, Keith helped me find my home in Northville, MI. Keith is now my only real estate resource and I would not consider working with anyone else. He has assisted me with commercial real estate research, investment opportunities, consulting, and currently manages my residential lease agreements, and screens renters. I have never felt pressured working with Keith and I am absolutely confident in his knowledge and judgment. Keith Brandt has my highest recommendation. Brian Donovan” May 24, 2012

Jim Dunn
Jim hired you as a Real Estate Agent in 2002
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
“Very responsible and accountable. I would and do recommend him.” May 24, 2012

Sowjanya kolli
Sowjanya hired you as a Real Estate Agent in 2011
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time
“Keith is an expert Realtor with excellent work attitude. His personalized care and attention to his customers make their real estate shopping much more easier. I would highly recommend him to anyone for making any real estate investments or purchases!” May 24, 2012

Ron Pincombe
Ron hired you as a Real Estate Agent in 2004
Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity
““Keith Brandt of Remerica Integrity is a great Realtor, who helped me purchase Real Estate. He was very helpful in finding a property that suited my needs. excellent communication skills. I am Glad I found Keith and will continue to recommend him to friends and neighbors for theirs and my own future needs in Real Estate Purchasing” May 24, 2012

MIA hired you as a Real Estate Agent in 2008
Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity
“Keith was professional and personable. He is trustworthy and he really cares about his clients. I truly believe Keith was sent to help me. My acquaintance with Keith was a blessing. I have recommended him several times to friends and family that were trying to buy a home.” May 24, 2012

Jeff Schleuning
Jeff hired you as a Real Estate Agent in 2011
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
“I used Keith on an investment deal and would highly recommend him. I am currently working with him to find another.” May 24, 2012

Jenny Maples
Jenny hired you as a Real Estate Agent in 2009
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
“Keith was wonderful to work with and a GREAT source of knowledge. I can't believe how many houses we walked through and he kept looking until we found the right one. Totally straight forward and down to earth too, just a great guy!” May 24, 2012

Linda I. McCormick
Linda I. hired you as a Real Estate Agent in 2007 and hired you more than once
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
“I hired Keith to help me buy a condo. Since then, he has helped me purchase an investment property and keep both of my investment properties rented. Keith is personable, professional, and has integrity. His knowledge of everything related to real estate can only be described as impressive. I will continue my business relationship with Keith for future real estate transactions. I would highly recommend Keith for any real estate project. Happy customer, Linda I. McCormick” May 28, 2012

Jill Orlando
Jill hired you as a Real Estate Agent in 2009
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
“My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Keith Brandt from Remerica Integrity for a few years. We have turned to him for many situations regarding real estate. His knowledge and expertise as a realtor is greatly appreciated. He is honest and hardworking, always offering additional insight about the market. Whether it has been finding a new home in the Novi/Northville area or looking at options on how to handle our current home in Royal Oak, Keith has always offered us the most up to date information along with his professional opinion so we can make the best decision for our family. Sam and Jill Orlando” May 29, 2012
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How to Find a Reliable Northville Realtor

When it comes to buying or selling a home the process can be a bit intimidating. It can be a substantial investment that represents a lifetime of savings. So working with a reliable realtor is important. Most people don’t understand the complexities involved in buying or selling a home and having a reliable Northville realtor to walk you through the complicated issues can be a big help.

If you want to find the home of your dreams then you’re going to need the help of a good Northville realtor. You’ll find it’s a whole lot easier to have someone with knowledge working with you. A realtor can provide you with current and detailed information about any property you’re interested in, and offer sound knowledgeable advice. A Northville Real Estate Agent can help you in getting the best deal and take you through the home closing process to make sure your experience in buying a home is successful.

On the other hand if you’re selling your home, a Northville realtor can provide you with current information concerning pricing and conditions of other properties on the market in your neighborhood, help you set a realistic price for your home, and give you a good estimate of your home's value. A Northville Real Estate Agent will not only market your property to the public but a reliable Northville Real Estate Agent will also take the time to help you objectively assess each offer you receive and ultimately help you close the sale.

The Northville Realtor Commission

A good Northville realtor means more than just someone that provides you with the latest from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), takes you around to view available homes or sticks a “For Sale” sign on your front lawn if you’re selling. You need someone who will take the time to sit down with you, look at your budget and help you determine how much money you will need for a down payment. A good Northville realtor will help you negotiate with the other party involved so whether you’re a buyer or seller you can get the best price possible.

A Northville Real Estate Agent works on commission and gets their fee after a home is sold and the closing is completed. There is some confusion as to who pays the realtor’s commission. Technically the seller is responsible for paying the commission from the money received after the sale, but many will argue that since the commission is calculated as part of the selling price, it is actually coming from the buyer’s pocket. To be clear, the seller pays the commission after the sale and there are no added fees to the buyer.

If you are selling your home remember that the commission can be a substantial amount. Northville realtors can set their own commissions. While commission is not regulated by the government, price fixing is against the law. As a rule, a realtor’s commission is considered earned once the seller and buyer have both agreed to and signed a sales contract. The Northville realtor’s commission is paid at the same time as the closing on the property.

What to Look for in a Good Northville Realtor

Look for a Northville realtor with experience. The real estate industry is a business where realtors come and go. This means you're likely to find many newcomers within the workforce and while a new realtor may come armed with ambition and good intentions, do you really want to trust what could potentially be one of the biggest investments of your lifetime to just anyone. Your best option might be to stick with a Northville Real Estate Agent that has a track record of experience and understands the housing market.

Look for a Northville Real Estate Agent that is dedicated. Another common condition often found in the industry is that there are a number of people that work in real estate as a part time job. These may be retirees or someone who runs a business as a second income. These agents may be as hardworking and reputable as a full time agent but if they’re only working part time can they stay as informed as someone that focuses on the business full time? Will they have the time to give you the attention you need?

Look for a Northville realtor that is competent. Don't simply rely on the fact that a realtor has a license as a sign that the job will get done right. As with any profession, this may not always be the case. Some realtors will work hard and take courses to keep on top of the industry while others may only do what is necessary to maintain their license. Many agents work hard to stay informed of the current real estate laws, zoning laws, and trends within the economy and how it affects the housing market both locally and nationally. A competent Northville realtor is an educated realtor.

Selecting the Right Northville Realtor for the Job

You should talk with a few agents before deciding on any Northville realtor to help you in buying or selling a home. To do this, get recommendations from family, friends or neighbors and find out whose name keep coming up in conversation. Do a search on the internet, or check out the local newspaper to see who’s actively marketing and selling and give them a call. Find out which realtors are working in the business full time, which ones have the most experience and ultimately which Northville realtor you feel the most comfortable working with.

In the end you will discover that there are some exceptional and hardworking realtors out there, whether they work through an agency or as an independent. Whether you’re selling or looking for that dream home, if you educate yourself, you’ll be able to make an informed choice of a reliable Northville realtor based on their experience, dedication and competency to work with you, and make your real estate quest a positive experience.
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Not your typical Real Estate Agent, has helped me save and make a lot of money.
W. Morgan
Thanks for making the home shopping experience fun. We didn't expect to find our dream home for such a good price and get so many extras thrown into the deal. You did an outstanding job. I wanted you to know that my wife and I greatly appreciate your professional guidance.
Dr. Kenneth W.
Keith, I still can't believe you sold our home in less than one week in this market. As I am sitting here at the computer looking at all these other homes that are on the market, I am so thrilled that our house is sold. We look forward to searching for our new home next spring. Thanks again for making this process so easy on us. We appreciate you low pressure approach with us.
MaryAnn M.
Keith Brandt, Representing Buyers & Sellers  -  41000 7 Mile Rd Ste 105  -  Northville , MI 48167  -  248-566-6791